Thursday 5 April

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When she becomes the victim of taunting at school, Sasha insists to Dex that she'd rather let the situation blow over than do anything about it. However, as the bullying continues and even her friends begin to feel they can't stand by her any longer, Gina suggests to Sid that his daughter stays home during Stu’s memorial. Sasha doesn’t want to admit defeat, but will she be left with any choice?

When Romeo tells her he’s asked Ruby to drop out of the surfing circuit, Indi feels guilty for taking that away from her. Although as a compromise Romeo offers to stop competing so that his friend can continue, Indi's forced to rethink her stance when Ruby warns her that her behaviour is only going to drive him away.

Xavier surprises Gina with an early return home, but he’s concerned that something’s up between her and John, who eventually admits that money issues have put them on shaky ground. Off the back of Roo’s advice, and under pressure from Xavier to give her husband a second chance, Gina intends to reconnect with John; instead, however, she sees him accepting money from Brax and is left feeling deeply unsettled.

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