Thursday 5 July

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Unhappy with John for making Jett feel unwelcome, Gina asks him to make more an effort. His solution is to get Jett to work at the Surf Club - for money, Gina hopes - but he's a stern taskmaster and Jett, in a foul mood, steals a wallet from a bag outside the club. Soon after, John busts him and Gina lays down the law - Jett needs to change his behaviour if he’s to stay in their family.

With Lottie now staying there, Summer Bay is fast running out of space, prompting Ruby to suggest to Romeo that they move out together. Despite his concerns, Ruby refuses to agree that they'd be rushing into something. Meanwhile, with Indi giving him the cold shoulder, Romeo confronts her - and soon pieces together the fact that Ruby warned her off.

Meanwhile, Hayley hides her stash of cocaine from Liam, distracting him with a glass of wine. Amid fears that his drinking could lead to other things, Liam later uncovers the drugs in her drawer.

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