Thursday 7 June

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Townsend's irate when he learns that Gina has settled on a four-day suspension and mandatory counselling as punishment for Casey, believing it to be nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Gina stands firm, concerned about taking things further in light of his criminal record, but it becomes clear when Casey's later questioned by police that Townsend has taken matters into his own hands. Casey implores him to be reasonable, but he won't back down - and nothing Gina says can change his mind.

Meanwhile, when Lottie admits to her that she misses her father, Roo warns Harvey that he shouldn't leave bonding with his daughter until it's too late. Taking her advice, Harvey helps Lottie decide on how best she can approach Dex, who seems more than impressed and reciprocates her feelings.

When Hayley approaches him to ask after Heath, Brax assumes she's looking for a drugs fix and warns her to stay away from his family. After then failing to fool Liam into giving her money, she finds herself forced to admit she has a problem, reluctantly agreeing to Liam's offer of a place to stay until the drugs are out of her system.


  • Fri 8 Jun

    Despite her reluctance to accept help, Liam stays with Hayley as she tries to kick her drug habit.


  • Wed 6 Jun

    April and Lottie compete for Dex's affections, and Casey takes his hatred of Townsend a step too far.

  • Tue 5 Jun

    As Romeo commits to moving on without Indi, Bianca and Heath share in their excitement about the baby.

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