Thursday 9 August

Episode 1878 - The One Where Shane Dies

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Tragedy strikes when, on a trip to celebrate his and Angel's first anniversary, Shane suffers a shock collapse and is rushed to hospital. There Angel’s world falls apart as doctors fail to save her husband, discovering he’s fallen victim to blood poisoning as a result of an infected wound that never healed. As news spreads and one by one Summer Bay comes to terms with its loss, pregnant Angel steels herself for the task of telling son Dylan and facing the reality of raising not one but two children alone.


  • Thu 9 Aug

    Despite nerves and stumbling over her wedding vows, Marilyn finally ties the knot with Fisher.


  • Wed 8 Aug

    Online-only episode. As the Summer Bay kids excitedly set off for Luna Park, Jack frets over friend Chloe’s unexplained absence from school.

  • Wed 8 Aug

    Suffering hallucinations, Ailsa reveals to an imaginary Bobby her belief that Alf is trying to kill her.

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