Thursday 9 August

Episode 2036 - The One Where Marilyn Says I Do

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The day of Fisher and Marilyn’s wedding has finally arrived, and in the run up to the ceremony there’s no telling which of the soon-to-be-married couple is more nervous. But, while the sight of his bride stepping from the car soon lifts the day’s stresses for Fisher, Marilyn doesn’t miss taking her turn to stumble as vows are exchanged. Thankfully, not even a case of tongue tie can keep her down for long, and the bubbly blonde seals the deal with her simple promise to love Fisher ‘for ever and ever’, the Summer Bay favourites are finally pronounced man and wife.


  • Fri 10 Aug

    As Irene goes into labour, Selina and Chloe are forced to put their animosity to one side.


  • Thu 9 Aug

    Tragedy strikes when Shane collapses during a trip to celebrate his and Angel's first anniversary.

  • Wed 8 Aug

    Online-only episode. As the Summer Bay kids excitedly set off for Luna Park, Jack frets over friend Chloe’s unexplained absence from school.

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