Thursday 10 January

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After hearing about Sid and Lisa and the argument the night before, Sasha believes everyone is being harsh towards her dad, and can’t see why they shouldn’t be together. Meanwhile, Sid confides in Lisa that he has to think of his kids, and that he should end the relationship.

Leah is getting messages from Jamie, the guy she met at the fundraiser party, but she’s concerned he’s too young. Encouraged by Liam, Leah reluctantly accepts Jamie's dinner invitation - could romance be blossoming?

Indi and Romeo reveal that the lunch they were planning today is actually a renewing of vows, since they had no family with them the first time they got married. After the ceremony, however, Sid is met with heartbreak when Lisa tells him that, though in her heart her marriage is over, she knows her husband would never let her go.


  • Fri 11 Jan

    Struggling to function after the accident, Dex reveals to Romeo that he feels pressured by Sid's expectations.


  • Wed 9 Jan

    Natalie invites Bianca over for dinner so she can get her to open up about her drug use.

  • Tue 8 Jan

    Brax finds out that Kyle’s in Melbourne and sets off with Heath to find him.

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