Thursday 10 May

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Learning that Heath wants to spend more time with Darcy, Bianca encourages Liam to cover his shift at work, forgoing their own plans for a picnic together. However, when Bianca later runs into her ex and winds up taking Darcy to the beach, Liam can't help feeling tense about the happy family that seems to be forming – a fear that's confirmed when Heath later encourages Bianca to ditch her husband and give him a second chance.

Still reeling in the wake of his split from Henri, Casey reveals to Heath the truth about their relationship in a bid to get to him. When discussing Henri’s job application in the diner, Heath blows up in front of Gina, spilling the beans about the affair. Confronted by Gina, Henri denies it and ropes Casey into the lie. Will they succeed in deceiving her?

Meanwhile, Roo suggests some ladies-only time with Irene and Leah, during which Colleen adds fuel to the fire of Irene’s disdain for Eddie when she reveals she saw him on an internet dating site. The girls continue to search through the site and reflect on their own relationship situations – or lack thereof.


  • Fri 11 May

    Heath continues to make a strong and upfront play for Bianca, prompting Liam to quit his job at Angelo's.


  • Wed 9 May

    A surprise job offer casts the future of Henri's relationship with Casey further into doubt.

  • Tue 8 May

    Indi's gift from Logan becomes a source of tension between her and Romeo, prompting a heartbreaking realisation.

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