Thursday 13 September

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Casey's concerns about Danny deepen when he suspects that Brax is involving himself in a drug deal in order to pay off their father. Meanwhile, Danny himself sets his sights on Ruby's inheritance - and, when the pair of them appear to hit it off over a lunch at the caravan park, Casey realises he's going to have to step in to protect her.

Alf’s concerned that Lottie is getting caught up in the venom between her parents, which is only confirmed when Harvey receives a court order from Mel. When Harvey asks her to refrain from making things ugly, Mel retaliates by threatening to expose the truth about Ben’s death. Suspicious by Harvey's sudden turnaround, Roo learns from Mel his dark secret – that he was drunk when Ben died in the boating accident.

Meanwhile, Indi’s surprised to learn Romeo is sticking to his sales job. Returning home, Romeo’s buoyed to hear from Liam that Indi seemed pleased following his visit. Could there be hope of reconciliation?


  • Fri 14 Sep

    As Romeo and Indi build bridges, Sasha is left fighting her jealousy when Ruby sets her sights on Casey.


  • Wed 12 Sep

    Casey starts to become aware of Danny's dark side – and how Brax is under pressure to pay him off.

  • Tue 11 Sep

    Jett reluctantly agrees to meet Richard, but the outcome isn't quite as expected for either side.

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