Thursday 14 June

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Having overheard April asking John for help building a cot, Heath spots an opportunity to get involved and lets himself into the house to do it instead. Although Bianca's grateful for the gesture, it does little to change her mind about raising the baby alone, and she repeats to Heath the fact that she doesn't want him in her life. However, when she's later rushed to hospital fearing complications with her pregnancy, the question remains: for how long can Bianca shut him out?

Meanwhile, just as Heath finds Indi's dumped wallet, Xavier spots Jett running away and can't help suspecting he might be to blame. His suspicions fuelled by Jett's reluctance to see Gina when she drops in to see him, Xavier later decides to visit his mother for a chat - but only succeeds in leaving Gina disappointed in him for his attempts at taking matters into his own hands.

Elsewhere, Indi runs into trouble after borrowing Sid's car; and, as Romeo realises his dream of becoming a pro-surfer may never come true, Ruby tries to give him some hope by suggesting they go into business together.


  • Fri 15 Jun

    Harvey's forced to consider a guilty plea ahead of his court case, and Bianca worries her stress levels are behind complications with her pregnancy.


  • Wed 13 Jun

    Colleen feels neglected ahead of her farewell to the Bay, little prepared for the surprise that awaits.

  • Tue 12 Jun

    Liam realises he and Hayley are in dangerous territory, and Townsend finds a new axe to grind with Casey.

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