Thursday 17 May

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When Sid catches Sasha and Xavier together, he becomes concerned about where things are heading. After trying to enlist Indi’s help, only to learn that her fling with Logan puts her in no place to be issuing advice, he joins forces with John in a bid to cool down the teens' relationship.

Indi and Romeo get together to discuss the future of their relationship, but are once again torn apart when they learn the depths of each other's betrayal. In the meantime, Ruby’s hopes are quashed when Romeo assures her that he doesn’t want to be anything more than friends, and Logan unrelentingly pursues Indi.

Still bitter over the closing of the resort project, John approaches Harvey and Roo with questions about the newly proposed eco park. Suspicious of Harvey’s involvement, he warns him that he is going to the council. Roo is confident, but when Xavier and Sasha catch Harvey in the middle of a heated discussion with the Mayor of Summer Bay, the question remains: just what does he have planned?


  • Fri 18 May

    Leah's plans to forget Brax end in disaster when she braves her first attempt at internet dating.


  • Wed 16 May

    As Indi turns to Logan for a distraction, a drunken Romeo sets his sights on Ruby.

  • Tue 15 May

    With Liam refusing to compromise, Heath is pushed into taking drastic action to prevent him and Bianca from leaving with his unborn baby.

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