Thursday 19 July

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Despite being put through his paces by Emerson, Xavier's work experience at the police station finds him distracted by concerns about Jett – and in particular his violent streak. When he then spots the youngster getting into a fight outside the Surf Club, he recovers a photo of Jett pictured with a man he doesn't recognise and, while off duty, seizes the opportunity to illegally run a cross-reference on the COP database. Having identified the stranger as Richard Bozic, Xavier confronts an angry Jett, prompting Gina to demand to know what’s going on.

Back in hospital after her psychotic episode, Bianca can’t remember anything about the last couple of days; however, when the medication kicks in, she is able to acknowledge both her relationship with Heath and the existence of her baby. As Bianca begins to show further signs of improvement, Sid and Irene are relieved to witness the moment she visits her son and takes his hand.

Meanwhile, tired and struggling to cope, April remains stressed about Bianca and how Heath is dealing with her condition. Dex in turn is worried about her, only to find that April has her own ideas about how she wants to be looked after...


  • Fri 20 Jul

    Xavier puts his job on the line to help Jett find information on the man he believes is his father.


  • Wed 18 Jul

    Natalie and Sasha find themselves with very different concerns after finding Casey passed out drunk.

  • Tue 17 Jul

    Threats are made and lines drawn as Danny demands back from Brax the $50,000 he left with Cheryl.

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