Thursday 21 February

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Spencer and Maddy arrive in the bay and are set up in a Caravan for the night. Alf’s disgusted to find the next morning that they’ve run away and rightly relays this to John outside the bait shop. When John discovers the brother and sister combo at Angelo’s he confronts them only to have them get away on foot again. Colleen and Celia continue to fuss over Harvey, pushing Alf’s patience to the limit. When his prized IPod falls into a pot of food he hits the roof- all guests have overstayed their welcome, it’s time for Colleen, Morag and Celia to leave. Celia’s reluctance to go motivates Alf to ask what’s going on. He’s stunned when she tells him she’s got no place to go.

Aprils finds Dex somewhat distant when talk arises of their upcoming university studies. Having skipped his tests at the hospital, Dex almost faints at the bait shop; Alf and April are forced to call Sid as a result. Back at the farmhouse Dex’s deep fears surface – he’s going to have to put up with his epilepsy for the rest of his life. April assures him that with family and friends around to support him life will return to normal – he will be able to study and successfully become a nurse. With April moving into the farmhouse to be with Dex it seems any concerns about his health and his future are a thing of the past.

Casey and Tamara address their relationship. Casey admits that while there is definitely a connection, the baggage in the lives will have a negative bearing on their relationship. He has some stuff to deal with regarding his brothers while she should return home to confront her parents and the burden that lays over them after her brother’s death. He’ll miss her but in essence, it’s for the best.


  • Fri 22 Feb

    Celia is given a reprieve by Alf, after she confides in him.


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