Thursday 21 June

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Having found out how her actions precipitated Charlie's death, Liam decides to cut all ties with her - prompting her to lash out at Leah for relaying the facts to him in the first place. However, when Liam later finds Hayley defeated, and seemingly about to surrender herself to the ocean, he once again feels obligated to promise his support.

Indi’s mortified when she reads her bill for car repairs, with Sid offering cold comfort as he explains she needs to face up to responsibility. When she later bumps into Romeo, Indi mentions she’s dropping out of uni in order to pay her bills. While Sid refuses to bail her out, drawing the line at helping her get her finances in order, Romeo decides to help Indi by secretly sending $8500 of Ruby’s money her way. Can she be persuaded to accept it?

Still deeply suspicious of Jett, Xavier asks Gina to open her eyes to the truth. Later discovering that Jett’s quite the gifted student, however, only cements the principal's belief that Jett needs to be given a second chance.

Meanwhile, Marilyn runs into danger during a walk on the beach; and Alf returns home from Thailand, surprised to see how much has changed since he’s gone.


  • Fri 22 Jun

    Still feeling unwell after his flight, Alf ignores the warning signs - but at what cost to his health?


  • Wed 20 Jun

    Heath's met with an icy reception when he's prompted to visit father Danny behind bars.

  • Tue 19 Jun

    Struggling with the news about Bianca's condition, Heath hits the bottle to drink away his problems.

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