Thursday 22 September

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Bianca is struggling with nightmares of her attack at the B&S ball. She puts on a brave front, but her school work is piling up, and both April and Irene are concerned she might not be coping.

Liam, meanwhile, wants to get his life back on track, starting with a job. But when he approaches Gina for some tutoring work, she quickly shuts him down. After then being berated by Bianca for avoiding the subject of her attack, he finds himself at a loose end both in life and love.

Xavier and Kelly are very much enjoying being young lovebirds. But when Kelly proposes her brother, Dean, come stay with them, Xavier is worried. He simply doesn’t trust Dean, even if John and Gina think he should give him a chance.

Miles is aware that Marilyn has decided to press on with her predictions of a relationship with Elijah, and eventually decides to warn him. Elijah sits down with Marilyn and gently tells her that it's not going to happen, insisting that they remain friends, but how will she take it?

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