Thursday 24 May

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As word spreads about Romeo and Ruby, Indi struggles to hide her disappointment but uses the fact as an excuse to continue her relationship with Logan - little aware that she's not the only one battling feelings of jealousy.

Meanwhile, grounded for staying out past her curfew, Sasha worries Xavier when she's inspired by Indi to sneak out anyway - reminding Sid that he's got a feisty teenager on his hands.

With John still convinced of Harvey's alleged treachery, Roo fails miserably in her attempts to convince him he's mistaken. Will he succeed in getting from Romeo compromising information on Harvey?


  • Fri 25 May

    After playing third wheel during Dex's date with Lottie, April is pushed to confess her feelings.


  • Wed 23 May

    When Romeo questions the motives behind her date with Logan, Indi retaliates by playing on his jealousy.

  • Tue 22 May

    Still blaming her for Charlie's death, Brax forces Hayley to come clean about why she set him up.

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