Thursday 26 April

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When she collects Brax from hospital and realises that the awkwardness between them remains, a disheartened Leah struggles to shrug off her feelings. Roo urges her to move on, but when VJ's attempts to become a River Boy land him in trouble with the police, Brax is forced to intervene - and it's only a matter of time before he's thrust back into Leah's life as a result.

Meanwhile, at Summer Bay House, Marilyn and Roo fall flat in their attempts to make John a better housemate; and, after Casey and Henri have a near miss with Gina, it becomes clear to them both that it's only a matter of time before they're caught.


  • Fri 27 Apr

    After finding out that VJ's bad behaviour is a result of a River Boys prank, Leah warns Brax to keep his distance.


  • Wed 25 Apr

    As things heat up between Casey and Henri, could Heath pose a threat to his brother's happiness?

  • Tue 24 Apr

    April's betrayal has further repercussions for Bianca when Liam realises that Heath knows the truth about the baby.

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