Thursday 7 February

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When Jett chats with him online, VJ admits to not knowing where Leah's taken him and, saying they need help, asks his friend to find out from Liam. Unfortunately, Jett doesn't realise that VJ's profile has been hijacked by Jamie, who's at Angelo's messaging him right under Liam's nose.

Sid's fears for Lisa escalate when she tells him she's returning to Neil. As he struggles to understand why, Lisa explains that she's doing so to shift her husband's focus away from Sid and his family: she'll then be in a position to leave him for good. Letting her go, they share an emotional farewell.

Meanwhile, Marilyn prepares a last-minute hen party for Roo, Harvey's hopes for a low-key stag do fail to be realised when he's kidnapped as part of Winston's extravagant party plans.


  • Fri 8 Feb

    Bianca breaks up with Adam, and Marilyn's overly complex plans for Roo's hen night fall apart.


  • Wed 6 Feb

    Upset to discover that Leah has left town, Jamie breaks into her house and hacks her computer.

  • Tue 5 Feb

    As Casey receives the jury's verdict, Sasha struggles with her worries that he feels something for Sasha.

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