Tuesday 1 May

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When VJ is caught drinking with a group of River Boys, Leah’s outraged at not only her son but also Brax’s apparent abandonment of him. All the time unaware that Elijah is ready to leave the Bay without telling her, Leah is devastated when Brax comes clean about his own reasons for distancing himself from her and VJ.

A tense Liam explodes at Angelo’s, punching Heath for a crack about his unborn child. As Brax warns them he needs all hands on deck, Heath sheds light on the conflict by revealing to his brother the truth about Bianca's baby. In response, Brax advises Heath to pull his head in and shares his parental history with Darcy, trying to demonstrate to Liam his situation can work out.

During his lunch date with Irene, Eddie offers Liam his condolences for his situation and appears eager for him to listen to their studio recording. However, when Liam does so, it becomes clear to him that his lyrics have been plagiarised - and, as they continue to fight about everything except the baby, demands Bianca's help in solving the problem.


  • Thu 3 May

    The Walkers feel the heat as Sasha goes on trial for Stu's murder. Can the family keep it together?


  • Mon 30 Apr

    As John and Gina negotiate a fresh start, Leah's feelings for Brax leave Elijah feeling sidelined.

  • Fri 27 Apr

    After finding out that VJ's bad behaviour is a result of a River Boys prank, Leah warns Brax to keep his distance.

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