Tuesday 3 July

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Having turned to Natalie for advice, Casey comes to the realisation that he needs to meet Danny for himself - no matter how much it angers Brax. Despite his initial resentment towards Natalie for encouraging the idea, Brax eventually agrees to the visit – on the condition that he can join him. However, he can't help feeling unsettled at the sight of Danny and Casey together, and is even more concerned to learn of his brothers' joint plans to get their dad out of jail.

Roo having found Mel sleeping in her car and realised that Lottie spent the previous night on her own, Harvey confronts his ex-wife. Despite brushing off his concerns, Mel's struggles become all too clear at the hospital, where Heath berates her when she becomes emotionally paralysed while treating his son. When Sid sends her home, insisting he'll take the lead with the baby's treatment, Mel attacks Harvey and Roo for their meddling - but her fury turns to devastation when she finds out Lottie's run away from home.

Despite being unsure if it’s his place or not, Liam makes contact with April following news of Bianca's condition - only to back out of his planned hospital visit when he learns from Irene that Heath's there too. Meanwhile, having proposed a move to the city, Hayley takes Liam's decision to stay in the Bay as confirmation that he still has feelings for Bianca - and so, when Heath asks her to do whatever it takes to get Danny out of jail, her heartbreak leads her to ask for drugs in return.


  • Wed 4 Jul

    John and Xavier's relief at being rid of Jett proves short-lived when Gina learns he's fled his foster home.


  • Mon 2 Jul

    As Casey fights for a meeting with Danny, tensions run high when Bianca's condition goes from bad to worse.

  • Fri 29 Jun

    Heath and Bianca's baby joy threatens to be short-lived after complications arise following the birth.

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Comments (4)

  • MargoWright

    over 1 year ago


    2 points.....ok Hayley is a lawyer, but how does that mean she can "spring" the River Boys' dad frpm jail??? hahahahah!! RIDICULOUS!!! POINT2) What kind of hospital would allow a member of the public(yeah i know Heath is the baby's dad) to be present whilst administering invasive treatment to a patient (said baby) it's LUDICROUS!!! AND BEFORE ANY1 ASKS, THAT'S MAINLY WHY i WATCH THESE DAFT AUSSIE SOAPS, FOR A LAUGH AT HOW STUPID THEY ARE LOL!!!!

  • kimberley

    almost 2 years ago


    i think brax needs to let heath and casey think for themself

  • oisin

    almost 2 years ago


    true true, though heath still has plenty of time to come clean, and i think brax needs to wind his kneck in and let his brothers take care of their own buisness :D

  • jai

    almost 2 years ago


    how's heath supposed to be a good father figure to his son when he's a drug dealer?