Tuesday 5 June

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Having tried and failed to score drugs from Heath, Jett turns his attentions to finding funds and decides to target Colleen, knowing she's preparing to auction off some valuable jugs. As her excitement builds in the run up to the sale, Colleen is devastated to return home to find her caravan door forced open and her collectibles broken on the floor.

Meanwhile, when Xavier and John see Jett hanging out with some shady-looking characters on the beach, they speculate he was trying to contact Heath - whom Gina is quick to confront when the youngster fails to show up at school.

As Romeo is left reeling by the news that he's not going to be able to surf again, Ruby attempts to lift his spirits by proposing they go into business together. Although Ruby's forced to apologise over her behaviour towards Indi the night before, Romeo takes things one step further when, having realised his marriage is over, he tells her he wants to be with her.

With Gina wanting to borrow her ultrasound DVD for a class, Bianca is prompted to ask Heath for its return. Although he doesn't quite fool her when he claims not to have seen it, Bianca agrees to watch it with him, without failing to pick up on his joy.


  • Wed 6 Jun

    April and Lottie compete for Dex's affections, and Casey takes his hatred of Townsend a step too far.


  • Mon 4 Jun

    When Romeo is rushed into surgery, Ruby is horrified to realise the severity of his injuries.

  • Fri 1 Jun

    As Indi plunges herself further into debt, Romeo's luck runs out when a knee injury threatens his surfing career.

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