Tuesday 8 May

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Off the back of Colleen’s encouragement, Dex asks April to Sasha’s birthday barbeque and once again finds himself infatuated with her. Meanwhile, Xavier makes known his commitment to Sasha, only to discover that his feelings aren't reciprocated and that she has plans to move to the city to be with her younger brother Felix. Learning of this, Sid pleads with her to say she’ll stay with the family; however, in the middle of the night, Sasha departs, leaving behind a note for her father.

Meanwhile, amid the birthday celebrations, Indi's present from Logan is brought to the fore, leaving Romeo concerned. He airs his issues with his wife and is shocked to learn about her kiss with Logan, prompting the couple to reach the sad conclusion that they got married too young.

Ruby’s thrilled to hear from Morag that the charges against her have been dropped following a confession from Steve. After confirming her suspicion that Brax has something to do with Steve's change of heart, Morag relays the information to Ruby who, despite Leah’s advice to let it go, can't help feeling upset. Later, Brax turns up on Ruby’s doorstep and tells her that he’s going to look after her regardless.


  • Wed 9 May

    A surprise job offer casts the future of Henri's relationship with Casey further into doubt.


  • Mon 7 May

    Set up by Steve, Ruby struggles against his allegations and worries about proving her innocence.

  • Fri 4 May

    As the trial continues, Xavier uncovers new evidence that brings to light corruption in the force.

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