Tuesday 12 June

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After Liam gives into temptation and sleeps with Hayley, he realises he is in dangerous territory and rushes out, leaving Brax to look after her. As Leah takes him to one side and warns him to get out of this toxic relationship, Brax grows convinced that Hayley is still playing her games and suggests she leaves town. But is that what Liam really wants?

When Gina organises a mediation between them, Townsend relishes in having Casey apologise for punching him, ultimately deciding against press charges. But when some River Boys take matters into their own hands and threaten him, Townsend grows convinced that Casey's behind the warning and resolves not to let him get away with it.

Meanwhile, as the girls busy themselves preparing a surprise farewell for her, Colleen is already starting to feel forgotten and grows disappointed with the people she considered family. Can their secret plans win her round?


  • Wed 13 Jun

    Colleen feels neglected ahead of her farewell to the Bay, little prepared for the surprise that awaits.


  • Mon 11 Jun

    As she plans how best to spend her lottery winnings, Colleen gets an unexpected invitation from Lance.

  • Fri 8 Jun

    Despite her reluctance to accept help, Liam stays with Hayley as she tries to kick her drug habit.

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