Tuesday 17 April

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While both Bianca and April vouch for him, Liam is furious that Heath's actions put his wife and baby in danger, and wastes no time warning him to keep his distance. Despite this, when she later suffers a scare with her pregnancy, Bianca can't help feeling worried about how well Liam's coping with the news about the baby's paternity and pushes him for reassurance that he's fully committed to their family.

Meanwhile, having witnessed Heath lamenting missed opportunities with Darcy, April breaks Bianca's confidence to reveal he might have a second chance after all.

Elsewhere, following Brax's awkward moment with Leah, Sid tracks him down and convinces him to return to hospital; and Marilyn and Leah encourage Roo to give Harvey a second chance.


  • Wed 18 Apr

    Casey's plan to quit school backfires when Gina's solution forces him even closer to Henri.


  • Mon 16 Apr

    Heath's quest for revenge on Sully endangers Bianca, and Leah's concern for Brax falls under the spotlight.

  • Fri 13 Apr

    When Leah finds Brax knocked out after a robbery at Angelo’s, she urges him to reconsider his cage fight.

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