Tuesday 17 July

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Ruby swears Casey to secrecy over their kiss, but when Sasha spots them sharing a hug the moment doesn't fail to ignite suspicion. Sick of feeling on the outer after Sasha takes her to task, Ruby retaliates and gives Casey food for thought by suggesting he tell his 'girlfriend' to back off. Will Sasha admit to having feelings for him?

Meanwhile, Indi's surprise at seeing Romeo going for his sales jobs is mirrored by Liam, who thinks he's trying too hard to be someone he's not. Although Liam warns him he's staying with Ruby for all the wrong reasons, Romeo insists it's something he has to do. After landing a job as regional sales manager for Mungo sportswear, he confirms his commitment to Ruby and, taking off his wedding ring, reassures her his relationship with Indi is over.

Elsewhere, as Danny turns on the charm to form an unlikely friendship with Marilyn, Brax gets his mother packed up and out of the house in a bid to protect her. When Danny later turns up at Cheryl's, however, it doesn't take long for him to fall into an argument with Brax.

As threats are made and lines are drawn, Danny demands back the $50,000 he left with Cheryl – and to him it means nothing when his son claims not to have it anymore. Wanting to unleash his anger on someone, Brax returns to Angelo's and fires Liam for not listening to him about Hayley.


  • Wed 18 Jul

    Natalie and Sasha find themselves with very different concerns after finding Casey passed out drunk.


  • Mon 16 Jul

    Despite Romeo's commitment to finding a job to support them, Ruby struggles to keep their relationship on track.

  • Fri 13 Jul

    With Danny's appeal underway, the Braxton brothers argue about what will happen if he's successful.

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