Tuesday 18 September

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Indi confronts Sid about getting involved in her love life, telling him he has no right to tell Romeo to stay away. She’s also upset at Romeo for letting Sid scare him off, and is hesitant when he tries to tell her he wants to get back together. They plan to meet up to discuss their relationship, but when Sid puts further doubt in her mind, Indi can’t bring herself to face Romeo and opts to drive off with Liam instead.

When Heath arrives at a family barbecue bearing good news about Rocco, Danny doesn’t seem interested in hearing about his grandson. When Heath confronts him about his reaction, he realises after Danny comes close to hitting him that he hasn’t changed one bit. In the meantime, Casey’s suspicion about Danny's plans for Ruby are confirmed, and he decides to play double agent, pretending to help his dad while really trying to protect his friend.

Gina is still concerned about Jett bottling up his feelings about his dad, and turns to Natalie for advice. Natalie tries to assure her that Jett sounds perfectly fine, but when Jett overreacts to John being late, she knows there is more to it. Gina organises a dinner where Natalie can assess Jett, telling neither him nor John. When they realise that Gina's set the whole thing up, they storm off furious, forcing her to realise that she's overstepped the line.


  • Wed 19 Sep

    Forced to raise money quickly to pay off Danny, Brax gets caught in the middle of a drug deal.


  • Mon 17 Sep

    Sasha becomes jealous when she sees Casey kissing Ruby, unaware of his true intentions.

  • Fri 14 Sep

    As Romeo and Indi build bridges, Sasha is left fighting her jealousy when Ruby sets her sights on Casey.

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