Tuesday 19 June

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With Sid confirming that Bianca's pre-clampsia is endangering not only her life but also that of her baby, Heath struggles with the uncertainty that lies ahead and, unable to get the answers he wants from the doctors, walks out. Ignoring April's pleas for him to be there for Bianca and his child, he hits the bottle, prompting Brax to deliver him a wake-up call.

Lottie apologises to Dex for their fight, explaining that she’s also managed to patch things up with her mother. Afterwards, Dex sees that April needs help in light of what her sister’s going through and offers his support. Realising that Dex is still juggling the affections of two women, Sid advises him to make up his mind once and for all.

Lottie suggests to Roo they throw Harvey a surprise picnic to cheer him up, but they’re bemused when he rejects their efforts, reasoning that he needs more time alone. Will Roo be able to get through to him?


  • Wed 20 Jun

    Heath's met with an icy reception when he's prompted to visit father Danny behind bars.


  • Mon 18 Jun

    Keeping Heath in the dark, Bianca takes Liam into her confidence over the problems with her pregnancy.

  • Fri 15 Jun

    Harvey's forced to consider a guilty plea ahead of his court case, and Bianca worries her stress levels are behind complications with her pregnancy.

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    over 1 year ago


    What country can view this? I'm in oz and can't, what the hell?

  • Kai

    almost 2 years ago


    Interesting, April still has feelings for Dex which now he has to decide if he wants to stay with Lottie or go back out with April, it seems that he still has a crush on her


    almost 2 years ago


    same. it wont play. The adverts play fine tho.

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  • t

    almost 2 years ago


    wont play same as always i get to watch the adverts and nothing else