Tuesday 22 May

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Under pressure from Brax to come clean about why she set him up, Hayley reasons that it was her drug problem that pushed her to take the side of Jake Pirovic and help free him from jail - a move that ultimately led to Charlie's death. As the argument between the pair turns physical, will Brax avoid doing something he might live to regret?

Liam, meanwhile, has little success in trying to dissuade Heath from calling for a paternity test on Bianca's unborn baby. As Liam and Bianca build bridges, promising they won't let him get to them, will April be able to make Heath see sense?

Also this episode, Casey's left fuming when he learns who's to blame for Henri's decision to leave town; and, with Roo’s help, Leah resolves to dispel the tension with Brax, which turns out to be an awkward attempt in itself.


  • Wed 23 May

    When Romeo questions the motives behind her date with Logan, Indi retaliates by playing on his jealousy.


  • Mon 21 May

    Heath's decision to hire Hayley ups the pressure on Bianca and Liam, sparking a showdown in the diner.

  • Fri 18 May

    Leah's plans to forget Brax end in disaster when she braves her first attempt at internet dating.

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