Tuesday 26 June

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After Gina finds Jett’s mother dead, she learns that he’s known for three days and this is the real reason for his not having been home. Concerned about his future, she convinces Marilyn to go to the police and ask to drop the charges. Jett is released but, not having any other family, is sent away to live with a foster family.

Logan comes back to Summer Bay to surprise Indi, but soon realises that their long distance relationship isn’t working, and asks her to move to Hong Kong with him. However, when Indi goes to Romeo for advice, Logan accepts her hesitation as a sign that she's not yet ready to commit to anything new.

In the meantime, Ruby is pushing forward with her plans for the Surf Shop. When she suggests to him that they open a joint account, Romeo becomes worried she’ll find out about the money he’s loaned to Indi and tries to change the subject. But he fails to keep the truth under wraps for long when Logan, having just broken up with Indi, confronts him about bailing her out, only for Ruby to overhear their conversation.

Everything seems to be going well with Liam and Hayley – she’s clean, and he's pleased that he could help. With Leah still concerned about his rushing into a relationship, Liam decides to get away with Hayley for a while. Just when everything seems perfect, Hayley tries to hide a call from Heath, making Liam question whether she's still treading in dangerous waters.


  • Wed 27 Jun

    Heath resolves to find a way to get Danny out of jail, turning to Hayley for help unpicking the case.


  • Mon 25 Jun

    Gina steps in to take care of Jett, unaware that John has taken matters into his own hands over the mugging.

  • Fri 22 Jun

    Still feeling unwell after his flight, Alf ignores the warning signs - but at what cost to his health?

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Comments (9)

  • AG

    almost 2 years ago


    this channel player keeps getting worse... the only thing I'm ever able to watch is the annoying pre-roll and mid-stream ads and the actual video always gets stuck after the ads, and then a few minutes in it starts from the beginning again with the stupid ads! Appalling service Demand5 - sort it out please.

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  • ant

    almost 2 years ago


    i got half way through then it stopped to my occurance got a drink and carried on watching it

  • Jordanx

    almost 2 years ago


    The problems you are all having don't seem to be happening to everyone so can it be the area you live in or your own broadband ? I occasionally experience a bit of juddering and once or twice it might stop but when I click on- II pause II the play arrow comes up and it starts again at where it left off, but that's only very occasionally. Can you video it or maybe video the Saturday Omnibus whole weeks episodes or watch it on you tube ? Don't forget it will be off our screens for 5 weeks from July 27th. ;0(

  • Rose

    almost 2 years ago


    I agree, almost every night now I have problems accessing this program. I usually manage to get it in the end, but only after anything up to half an hour of fiddling around & sending "report a problem" messages. As I mentioned last night, for each "retry" you have to sit through yet another 114 seconds of adverts - which miraculously play from beginning to end without incident...Why can't this problem be addressed???

  • D. Craven

    almost 2 years ago

    D. Craven

    Once again unable to catch up with latest episode of Home & Away this is becomong a regular occurrence and is extremely annoying. Whats the point of having a catch up service if it can't be accessed. The powers that control this seem to disregard all our comments as the problem is not being addressed

  • Wendy

    almost 2 years ago


    I am unable to watch today's episode. I got half-way through, then it suddenly said "Today's episode is currently unavailable". Very disapponting!!