Tuesday 27 March

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Morag is furious when, during the investigation into Stu's murder, the discovery of new evidence suggests that Sasha has lied to the police. After being held overnight and released on bail, things go from bad to worse for Sasha when she then finds herself having to publicly face Stu's mother.

Meanwhile, when she forgets she's due to pitch to Harvey, Roo agrees to reschedule their meeting for later the same evening. However, she's soon left feeling uneasy when Marilyn suggests that by doing so she might inadvertently be accepting a date, not a business dinner.

Elsewhere, much to Indi's delight, Romeo returns from his surfing competition. Later, when Ruby learns he doesn't think he can go for the next one, she suggests they go together; feeling as though she needs this, and spurred on when he thinks back to Harvey calling him a quitter, Romeo agrees despite Indi's misgivings. Will there be trouble in paradise?


  • Wed 28 Mar

    After a run-in with Tyler, Casey is given cause to worry that his juvie secret is no longer safe.


  • Mon 26 Mar

    As the events surrounding Stu's death are revealed, Indi, Dex and Roo are left feeling remorseful.

  • Fri 23 Mar

    As Xavier grows increasingly concerned for Sasha, Alan's suspicions of Sid spark a startling confession.

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Comments (12)

  • MARJ

    almost 2 years ago


    yes just refresh the page...and some of us leave things to the last minute to watch programmes lol! i myself am usually on the deadline to watch stuff online...and even then, sometimes don't catch stuff in time...my own fault, yes...but...what REALLY annoys me is when ch 5 says "available" for 2hours, for example, and i click on and it says "sorry this episode is unavailable" !!!!! G-R-R-R-R!!!!


    2 years ago


    Mine only freezes occasionally and when it does I just refresh the page and start again and it works. I also agree that couldn't you just watch it on T.V? Or maybe on youtube? xx

  • Jay2

    2 years ago


    Mine never 'freezies' when I use catch-up, so sorry about yours but can't you watch it on TV ? it's on 4 times a day and all the episodes are on Saturday, I think about 1pm. Don't any of those fit in to your schedule ?

  • Emz

    2 years ago


    Yeah mine keeps freezing too soo frustrating. Anyone know how to stop it happening?

  • Rosie

    2 years ago


    Is there any way we can stop the video freezing all the time?

  • katerina

    2 years ago


    I watch home and away is good...Harvey no no no man is not good, Roo should say bye bye to him..no?.yes?...Brax and heath yes mmm like a lot....is nice to say about home and away..on here...

  • Esther Thomson

    2 years ago

    Esther Thomson

    I agree! I keep getting "freezing"

  • UnaIreland

    2 years ago


    i cant stand harvey ither!! startin to not think much of Roo ither becoz of how she is with harvey!!!

  • Michael B

    2 years ago

    Michael B

    Why is this not working?!God, you won't let us watch it anywhere else, you squeeze the credits down on broadcast and now you give us this crap video that keeps freezing!

  • Francessca

    2 years ago


    Agreed, I can't stand Harvey and after everything he has done it doesn't make sense that Roo is almost fawning all over him. I thought she liked Sid. There was all that guilt and embarassment when he with with Marilyn and they didn't even get together?!

  • LC

    2 years ago


    Why is Harvey still in the show and WHY on earth is Roo still entertaining him like a loveshy teenager? She is better than this Harvy is a dirty sleezebag who needs to wander off somewhere.

  • This comment was removed by a moderator