Tuesday 30 October

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When Brax confronts her over the fact that she hasn’t been telling him everything that's going on with Casey, Natalie defends her choices and highlights that maybe there is a reason his brother doesn’t feel like as though he can talk to him. Pushed into action, Brax takes Casey to visit Dex, successfully proving to him that life is worth fighting for. As Brax thanks her, Natalie reassures him that she thinks their relationship is worth the wait; she isn’t going anywhere.

April is still struggling with Dex’s rejection when Irene encourages her to visit him. Sid explains that Dex is recovering but still has a long way to go. When April learns that he still hasn’t asked for her, she is left disheartened and unsure about what to do. But when Casey provides some insight into how Dex might be feeling, and urges her not to give up on him.


  • Wed 31 Oct

    As April and Dex face a battle to reconnect, Casey renews his efforts to make peace with Heath.


  • Mon 29 Oct

    Facing the prospect of a long jail sentence, Casey decides to put his life in order and tie up loose ends.

  • Fri 26 Oct

    As the reality of parenthood hits home for Bianca and Heath, Leah battles her jealousy after finding out about Brax and Natalie's relationship.

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