Wednesday 9 January

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After self-medicating with more of the pills Adam gave her, Bianca continues to spark the concerns of her friends. Over dinner, Natalie talks to her about Brax in an attempt to get her to open up about Heath, only for Bianca to go on the defensive and storm out in search of Adam.

Although Sid believes the affair is over, Indi doesn't fail to miss the chemistry between Lisa and Sid, reveals they are still seeing each other. With Dex angry at being kept in the dark, Sid is adamant that he’ll continue seeing Lisa, despite his kids’ reservations. Later, however, he overhears Dex telling Indi and Romeo how Sid’s relationships have ended badly in the past, and realises the depths of his concern.

Meanwhile, Roo and Harvey’s preparations for the wedding prompts Indi to review her living arrangements, and Sid and Dex reluctantly agree to her proposal that Romeo moves back in with them at the farm.


  • Thu 10 Jan

    Indi and Romeo recommit to their relationship, by surprising their loved ones with a renewing of vows.


  • Tue 8 Jan

    Brax finds out that Kyle’s in Melbourne and sets off with Heath to find him.

  • Mon 7 Jan

    As Heath grows suspicious of his return, Adam helps Brax step up the search for Kyle.

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