Wednesday 9 May

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Having found Sasha's note, Sid soon tracks her down and tries to wake her up to the realities of setting up a new life in the city. Talking further with Felix about his family situation, Sasha comes to realise that her little brother's need for her may not be as a great as she imagined and, although reluctantly, agrees to return home to the farm.

As Casey reveals to her that April saw them kissing at Angelo's, Henri casts further doubt over the future of their relationship when she tells him that Gina's offered her a job. When she later allows herself to be talked into making an application, she leaves Casey no choice but to take decisive action.

Meanwhile, Xavier offers to help Dex win back April. Although he declines, Dex soon finds his female uni friends coaching him in becoming a ‘bad boy’ to attract her, leading to a drunken misadventure that ends up with him embarrassing himself in front of Sid - in spectacular fashion.

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