Wednesday 11 July

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When Lottie moves in to Summer Bay House, Alf clocks that she seems a little nervous and urges Roo to make sure that she's okay. When Roo confronts her, she learns that Lottie is scared that they will hate living with her and kick her out. Once assured, Lottie goes back to being her normal, if not slightly quirky, self.

Natalie's concerned when Casey confides in her that Brax isn't handling the news of Danny's possible release from prison. With Casey's interests at heart, she tries without success to talk to his older brother; she persists after learning more about his past, only to get the door slammed in her face. In the meantime, Casey is avoiding home, opting to stay with Sasha – who can't help hoping that their friendship can be taken to the next level.

Xavier's furious to learn of Jett's attack on Gina, believing that this time he's gone too far to be deserving of her support. With Gina refusing to give up, mum and son fail to see eye-to-eye – until Jett returns, apologetic, and Xavier realises that maybe there is something in helping this kid after all.


  • Thu 12 Jul

    Lottie's act of rebellion leads her to realise she and Roo have more in common than they thought.


  • Tue 10 Jul

    Suspecting that Indi still has feelings for him, Romeo struggles to keep up the pretence with Ruby.

  • Mon 9 Jul

    Concerned about Bianca's refusal to see her son, Sid realises her problems run deeper than first thought.

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