Wednesday 12 December

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After he confronts Lisa about her husband, Sid's reluctant to continue seeing her even when she explains that they're separated. However, when they later go on a date and discuss their hopes for the future, the pair manages to reconnect when Lisa reveals she's told her husband they need to go their own ways.

After Roo and Alf persuade Romeo to appear at the carnival as last year's iron man, Indi catches him training and urges him to seek medical advice to see if it's safe for him to compete. Although Lisa gives him the all-clear, Indi's relieved when Romeo decides not to take part after all; as they share an intimate moment together, it appears their relationship is going from strength to strength.

When Jett confides in him about his troubles with Gina and John, VJ tells him that you can get away with a lot more as the child of separated parents. Inspired, Jett plays Gina and John off against each other to get his hands on some money and steal the fireworks intended for the carnival.


  • Thu 13 Dec

    Indi tries to convince Sasha to come to the surf carnival, correctly guessing that she’s avoiding Casey.


  • Tue 11 Dec

    Adam, an old friend of the Braxtons', turns up in town to help the brothers in their search for Kyle.

  • Mon 10 Dec

    Brax steps up the search for Kyle, and Heath and Bianca react to Rocco's death in different ways.

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