Wednesday 12 September

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After being intimidated by him earlier, Natalie learns Danny is her next-door neighbour at the caravan park - and struggles to shake free of him when she later agrees to a drink with Brax. When their plans are interrupted by the sight of his dad having dinner with Casey and Heath, Brax decides to join them as Danny insinuates he’s going to get money back from Cheryl. Casey cottons onto this and starts to become aware of his Danny's dark side – and how Brax is under pressure to pay him off.

Lottie’s worried about sending Harvey off to tell Mel that she wants to live with her father. But Mel surprises everyone by arriving early. When Harvey finally delivers the news, Mel takes it badly, leaving him to wonder if she's discharged herself from the clinic too soon.


  • Thu 13 Sep

    Danny sets his sights on Ruby's inheritance, and Romeo's given fresh hope of a reconciliation with Indi.


  • Tue 11 Sep

    Jett reluctantly agrees to meet Richard, but the outcome isn't quite as expected for either side.

  • Mon 10 Sep

    Dex spends an awkward night with April at Irene's house, and news of Bianca's relationship receives a mixed reaction.

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