Wednesday 13 June

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It’s Colleen’s last couple of days in the Bay and, little realising that a big party is about to be thrown in her honour, she’s still upset that her friends haven’t organised anything to say goodbye. Tired of feeling forgotten, she vents her frustrations to Roo and Marilyn – only for her friends to spring out of hiding ready to begin the celebrations. Overwhelmed, Colleen is so taken aback by the gesture that she can't help questioning whether she really wants to leave Summer Bay after all.

After the incident with the River Boys, Townsend has decided to press charges against Casey. When Sasha tries to plead his case, Gina and John are there to witness Townsend losing it with her, shaking her up. Having decides to look into Townsend's past, Gina learns that he has had complaints filed against him previously, and uses the fact to convince him to drop all charges and move on to another position.

Elsewhere, when Gina spots Jett walking along the beach, she approaches him to ask why he hasn’t been at school. After shrugging off her attempts at reaching out to him, he waits until he's out of sight before pulling out a wallet and pocketing the cash.


  • Thu 14 Jun

    Heath tries to reach out to Bianca, and Xavier fails to impress Gina with his suspicions about Jett.


  • Tue 12 Jun

    Liam realises he and Hayley are in dangerous territory, and Townsend finds a new axe to grind with Casey.

  • Mon 11 Jun

    As she plans how best to spend her lottery winnings, Colleen gets an unexpected invitation from Lance.

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