Wednesday 16 May

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With Indi and Romeo struggling to come to terms with their break-up, they both turn elsewhere for distraction. As Indi enjoys a hot date with Logan, a drunken Romeo returns to the Summer Bay House to find Ruby - and when he moves in for a kiss, she is all too willing to reciprocate.

After witnessing a kiss between Casey and Henri, VJ tells Brax, who becomes concerned about the relationship and the impact it will have on his brother. When Henri is offered a permanent teaching position at Summer Bay High, she and Casey come up with a story that they hope will free them from any controversy, but can they count on VJ to keep their secret from Gina?


  • Thu 17 May

    Indi and Romeo discuss the future of their relationship, only to realise the depths of each other's betrayal.


  • Tue 15 May

    With Liam refusing to compromise, Heath is pushed into taking drastic action to prevent him and Bianca from leaving with his unborn baby.

  • Mon 14 May

    Unable to reconcile their tempestuous relationship with Heath, Bianca and Liam attempt to steal away from the Bay.

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