Wednesday 18 July

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At the hospital, Bianca is still having trouble discerning between what's real and what’s not, but seems to be showing signs of improvement. The relief from her problems proves short-lived, however, when she escapes to visit Liam, convinced they're still together. Unsure how best to handle the situation, Liam calls April – only for things to turn ugly when she sends Heath to collect her.

Meanwhile, the morning sees Sasha and Natalie find Casey asleep on the beach, hungover after a night's drinking with Danny. After getting him cleaned up, the women find themselves with very different concerns: as Natalie worries about the reason behind his wiping himself out, Sasha can't help wondering if his suspicions of her feelings for him might be to blame.


  • Thu 19 Jul

    Stressed about Bianca, April has her own ideas about the kind of support she wants from Dex.


  • Tue 17 Jul

    Threats are made and lines drawn as Danny demands back from Brax the $50,000 he left with Cheryl.

  • Mon 16 Jul

    Despite Romeo's commitment to finding a job to support them, Ruby struggles to keep their relationship on track.

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