Wednesday 19 September

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Deciding not to fight Mel for custody, Harvey is feeling like a failure as a father. Alf is confused as to why he's giving in, and when he confronts Harvey, he learns the truth about Ben’s death: that he was over the limit and Mel lied to the police about it. Alf is furious at Harvey for being a coward, but when Roo urges him to reconsider his decision, he's left unsure about what to do.

When Bianca urges Heath to reconsider giving Rocco his surname, Heath is adamant that he doesn’t want his son to carry the Braxton name. He doesn’t want his father to have anything to do with his son after realising that Danny is bad news, and reveals to Bianca the horrors of his childhood. Bianca assures Heath that he will never be like Danny, and this gives him the strength to cut all ties with him.

Forced to raise money quickly to pay off Danny, Brax is caught in the middle of a drug deal from hell. Nothing is going to plan, and his partner in crime, Dodgy Bob, is hardly the sharpest tool in the shed. When they learn that the police are waiting for them, Brax is forced to take control.


  • Thu 20 Sep

    After Mel forces his hand, Harvey reveals to Lottie what really happened on the day of Ben's death - but at what cost to their relationship?


  • Tue 18 Sep

    Indi tells Sid not to meddle in her love life, but then snubs Romeo in favour of a drive with Liam.

  • Mon 17 Sep

    Sasha becomes jealous when she sees Casey kissing Ruby, unaware of his true intentions.

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