Wednesday 20 June

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Spurred on to visit his father in jail, Heath is first met with an icy reception, but he and Danny soon find themselves having something of a catch-up. As Danny voices his regret over walking away from his family, Heath realises he shouldn't let go of his own - and resolves to do something about it.

Even though Sasha’s encouraging, Casey’s reluctant to have his first counselling session. With Natalie refusing to let him off the hook until he starts talking, Casey soon opens up about his father and gets to thinking. But when he broaches the subject at home, Brax shuts him down, insisting they should just be thankful he’s gone.

With Romeo back from hospital, Ruby wants to power on with planning for their business, despite Marilyn and Leah’s concerns it might be too much too soon. Meanwhile, Indi pays Romeo a visit, and he’s very happy to see her. When Ruby returns, Indi’s business advice rubs her the wrong way, but she reaffirms Romeo’s enthusiasm when she explains she’s putting $10,000 into his account to buy store merchandise.

When a wired Hayley comes to Angelo’s looking for Liam, Brax tells her to get out of his life - but could Heath be about to give her a reason to stay?


  • Thu 21 Jun

    Liam struggles to free himself from his relationship with Hayley, and Romeo uses Ruby's money to bail out Indi.


  • Tue 19 Jun

    Struggling with the news about Bianca's condition, Heath hits the bottle to drink away his problems.

  • Mon 18 Jun

    Keeping Heath in the dark, Bianca takes Liam into her confidence over the problems with her pregnancy.

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