Wednesday 23 January

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When the diner gets broken into and trashed, Liam suspects Jamie could have something to do with it. However, when he and Leah confront him, Jamie protests his innocence and Adam steps up with an alibi. When they’re gone, their suspicions prove well-founded when Adam vents his anger that Jamie messed up the job.

Later, Jamie invites Leah to a cocktail party his dad's hosting, and she agrees in order to get close to Bianca and disprove his alibi, only for Liam to convince her not to go. Meanwhile, as Liam looks through Jamie’s room, he finds evidence that suggests Jamie might be harbouring an unhealthy obsession with Leah.

When Brax tells him about his problems with getting his half brother to testify, Adam offers to sort it so that Kyle won't face negative consequences if he admits to the kidnap. Brax is grateful and agrees to come to the party, where he looks forward to spending a night away from his brothers and their problems. Natalie arrives at the event in an effort to help Leah and Liam scope out the place, but it’s clear Brax is on her mind. Before she can leave he tells her he wants to be with her, but can she really see a future for them?

Elsewhere, following Sasha’s pregnancy scare, talk between Romeo and Indi turns to whether or not they should consider having a baby of their own. Indi reacts badly to Romeo suggesting they should think about it, angry at him for not considering their situation and how difficult it would be for them to have a child where they are right now.


  • Thu 24 Jan

    As tension mounts, Adam tells Bianca he could get rid of Heath forever - a threat she is unsure whether he means seriously.


  • Tue 22 Jan

    Struggling with Sasha's revelation that she might be pregnant, Casey turns to Romeo for advice.

  • Mon 21 Jan

    Tensions between the Braxtons reach breaking point as Kyle refuses to confess that he kidnapped Casey.

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