Wednesday 25 April

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When Irene presses her for answers, Bianca is forced to reveal both that Liam isn't the father of her baby and the circumstances surrounding Heath getting to know the truth. As both Bianca and Liam struggle with the situation, they come to the conclusion that moving out of the Beach House and away from April might be the only way to get their marriage back on track.

Meanwhile, as things heat up between Casey and Henri, Heath interrupts their tutoring session hoping to confide his troubles in his ex. Already feeling as though his brother is threatening his relationship, Casey's fears are heightened when he later sees Henri and Heath together at the diner, looking very comfortable in each other's company.


  • Thu 26 Apr

    Leah's hopes for a fresh start fall flat when VJ's bid to become a River Boy forces Brax back into her life.


  • Tue 24 Apr

    April's betrayal has further repercussions for Bianca when Liam realises that Heath knows the truth about the baby.

  • Mon 23 Apr

    Sid confronts Margaret with his suspicions about her part in her husband's ill health.

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