Wednesday 26 September

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After April and Dex's announcement, their families are still mulling over how they feel about the teens wanting to live together: Irene and Bianca are strongly against the idea, Sasha's warming to the move, and Sid worries that it's simply too premature. With April worried after hearing from Sasha how much Sid will miss having his son around, Dex decides its time to take control and invites everyone to a conference at Angelo’s. There the couple's argument wins everyone’s blessing – or, at least, so it seems. Is Sasha quite so sure after all?

With Darcy feeling sidelined, Bianca suggests to Heath that he needs to reassure her of her place in the family. Given food for thought when Darcy asks why he hasn't chosen somewhere new for them to live, Heath suggests to Bianca that they all move out together. Sensing Bianca's uncertainty, Heath puts his foot down, and reminds her that he, Rocco and Darcy are a package deal. Realising she needs to commit, Bianca promises Darcy that she and Heath will work hard at their relationship, and they’ll see what the future holds.

Ahead of the meeting with Jett’s DOCS case worker, Gina’s worried that their new family member might be taken away at a moment’s notice. Having admitted to Alf how sorry he'd be to see Jett go, John interrupts Gina’s meeting and surprises everyone by asking the case worker what it’d take to permanently adopt him. Although annoyed that John didn’t talk this through with her first, Gina soon comes around - and for now agrees to keep their interest a secret to avoid getting Jett’s hopes up.


  • Thu 27 Sep

    As sparks continue to fly between her and Liam, Indi struggles to earn Romeo's trust after missing their meeting.


  • Tue 25 Sep

    As Dex and April announce their plans to live together, Heath and Bianca's decision to move in with Irene leaves Darcy feeling isolated.

  • Mon 24 Sep

    Brax questions Casey about siding with their dad, before giving Danny some cash in an attempt to get him to back off.

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