Wednesday 30 January

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With Tamara missing, Kyle’s testimony is thrown into doubt. As he takes the stand, Kyle proves himself loyal to the Braxtons by admitting to all of his wrongdoings, healing part of the rift with Casey, and proves a useful character witness in his statement about their dad. He also reveals to the court the extent of Danny's plans for Casey, much to the consternation and shock of the Braxtons. Off the back of Kyle’s testimony, could things finally be looking up? And, when Tamara makes a surprise return, how will Sasha react?

Meanwhile, Lisa is dismayed that she’s involved the Walkers in her problems, after her ex shows up at the house and terrifies Indi. Sid decides to confront him by tricking him into meeting - only for his plan to backfire when Neil confronts Indi at Angelo’s and threatens to not let her go until she reveals Lisa’s whereabouts.

Marilyn, Alf and Harvey are the picture of serenity, until their calm brunch is shattered by an exuberant Roo’s return. But while she's full of enthusiasm when it comes to recruiting her bridesmaids, can the same be said of Harvey as he hunts for a best man?


  • Thu 31 Jan

    As Dex's health takes a turn for the worse, Lisa and the Walkers' respite proves short-lived after Neil is arrested.


  • Tue 29 Jan

    After Jamie sends her a photo of her asleep, a terrified Leah decides to leave town with VJ.

  • Mon 28 Jan

    Leah grows more concerned about Jamie's apparent obsession with her and VJ. Can Adam put an end to it?

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Comments (7)

  • l holmes

    1 year ago

    l holmes

    channel 5 sort out the adverts please there are to many

  • Sunje Carstensen

    1 year ago

    Sunje Carstensen

    Demand5 is getting totally unwatchable with the amount and length of ad breaks.

  • Tim Collins

    1 year ago

    Tim Collins

    My learned friend Judge Bellingham I am in full concert with your deliberation (29/01) but; I must cite the case of the Crown v Rocco Cooper in the Ms Sally Fletcher case. Community Service would be far too a stringent servitude. J'accuse both Wardrobe and Continuity for the wig currently being worn by the smug slaphead Prosecutor and doth make him look a Dill. Criminal or what

  • Moz

    1 year ago


    I understand about the ads, but having to suffer the same ads twice in a twenty minute programme is ridiculous, I feel like I am being brainwashed. Completely puts me off of the products being advertised.

  • Rumpole on the baileys

    1 year ago

    Rumpole on the baileys

    Could that judge look any more bored?

  • Elise

    1 year ago


    Two ad breaks in 20 mins is just too much! I work when this program airs here in England and when I do get to catch up on missed episodes half my time is spent watching the same advertisements over and over. I love this show, it reminds me of home, but please channel 5, don't make us suffer!!

  • john

    1 year ago


    And, when Tasha makes a surprise return, how will Sasha react? u mean tamara??