Wednesday 31 October

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Although she's been reunited with Dex, April is still struggling to say or do the right thing. After making an orientation chart to help Dex remember his favourite things, his response leaves her wondering whether she's only succeeded in upsetting him further - and things go from bad to worse when, embarrassed, he asks her to leave.

Roo is acting out of character, and Harvey is concerned that she’s having second thoughts about Tim. When Alf suggests that maybe she is anxious about her career after having to give up the great opportunity that Tim provided, Harvey tells her that he realises the sacrifice she’s made for their relationship. But when Roo admits that she hasn’t quit, Harvey is even more concerned about Roo’s feelings for her ex.

When Heath rejects his peace offering, Casey takes heart from Bianca when she urges him not to give up on his brother. After Casey’s second attempt at reaching out to him, Heath reveals that he is still sore that their dad didn’t care enough about him to involve him in his life. Casey explains that that’s what makes Heath the lucky one, and they realise that they both need to stick by each other if they're ever to come to terms with Danny's death.


  • Thu 1 Nov

    As John fears for his relationship with Gina, Romeo decides to let go of his anger towards Liam and Indi.


  • Tue 30 Oct

    Brax takes Casey to visit Dex in the hospital, hoping to proving to him that life is worth fighting for.

  • Mon 29 Oct

    Facing the prospect of a long jail sentence, Casey decides to put his life in order and tie up loose ends.

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