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  • Episode 6321

    Charlotte confronts Irene after getting an eviction notice.

  • Episode 6322

    Charlotte puts an end to Trystan's campaign of fear.

  • Episode 6323

    Kat sets out to prove Charlotte's guilt.

  • Episode 6324

    Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Matt's secret.

  • Episode 6325

    A specialist visits Josh and reveals a shock diagnosis.

  • Episode 5145

    Penn is badly beaten up, and claims that Alf attacked him!

  • Episode 5144

    April is furious when she learns that Xavier has been blackmailing John.

  • Episode 5143

    April makes plans for a radical, bay-wide conservation project. Will John help?

  • Episode 5142

    Angelo decides that he cannot risk backing Indi, and fires her from the bar.

  • Episode 5141

    Ruby and Indi both end up in trouble because of the alcohol scandal.

  • Episode 5140

    Has Ruby started drinking again, or is there a more innocent explanation?

  • Episode 5139

    Gina is forced to intervene when Bianca slaps Liam on school grounds.

  • Episode 5138

    Lucas is forced to cancel his trip to Summer Bay.

  • Episode 5137

    Marilyn realises that Dex has a crush on her.

  • Episode 5136

    Dex is up to mischief again.

  • Episode 5135

    Marilyn decides to perform a cleansing ritual to help rid Nicole of Penn once and for all.

  • Episode 5134

    Romeo fears that he has ruined his friendship with Indi.

  • Episode 5133

    Dex goes out with Marilyn.

  • Episode 5132

    Bianca spots Liam comforting Ruby and tells him she has no choice but to inform Gina.

  • Episode 5131

    April and Bianca move in with Irene when Gina kicks them out.

  • Episode 5130

    Tensions at Gina's house rise to an all-time high when Bianca takes exception to John.

  • Episode 5129

    Indi plays Romeo at his own game when he refuses to teach her to surf, and Rachel comes to a decision.

  • Episode 5128

    Angelo hits a few hurdles as he prepares for his restaurant's grand opening, and Rachel clashes with Tony.

  • Episode 5127

    Rachel is torn over Daniel's job offer, and Ruby attempts to drown her sorrows in booze.

  • Episode 4911

    Aden and Belle return to tell their family and friends of Belle's terminal illness. Miles and Kirsty learn why Nicole is acting out, while Nicole seeks solace in sex.

  • Episode 4906

    After learning that Belle won't tell Aden of her terminal illness, Nicole refuses to be Aden's 'best man'. But after Belle collapses, Nicole tells Aden the terrible truth.

  • Episode 4895

    Aden is found bloodied and bruised on the beach when he refuses Clint's request that Geoff not play in the next rugby game. Trey is allowed to go on the trek.

  • Episode 4904

    Belle has some unexpected news. The hen night ends in an emergency. Aden has an unplanned night out.