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  • Episode 6321

    Charlotte confronts Irene after getting an eviction notice.

  • Episode 6322

    Charlotte puts an end to Trystan's campaign of fear.

  • Episode 6323

    Kat sets out to prove Charlotte's guilt.

  • Episode 6324

    Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Matt's secret.

  • Episode 6325

    A specialist visits Josh and reveals a shock diagnosis.

  • Episode 5165

    Penn's devious behaviour drives Alf to distraction, but he refuses to go to the police.

  • Episode 5164

    Mitzy informs Marilyn of the exact date on which she will die.

  • Episode 5163

    Angelo pulls the plug on Paulie's betting scheme.

  • Episode 5162

    Romeo is stunned when Indi declares that she is in love with him.

  • Episode 5161

    Miles and Irene realise that there is something terribly wrong with Alf. Xavier attempts to tell John the truth about April's plan. Liam gives Bianca an ultimatum.

  • Episode 5160

    Penn is angry with Alf about something from his past.

  • Episode 5159

    April has a business proposal for John that could make him very rich.

  • Episode 5158

    Sid tells Miles that Marilyn does not have cancer.

  • Episode 5157

    A drunken Ruby once again professes her love for Liam.

  • Episode 5156

    Nicole finds Ruby in a drunken state and decides to take her to Liam's house.

  • Episode 5155

    Marilyn's psychic friend predicts the date of her death.

  • Episode 5154

    Leah decides to visit Elijah in Africa. Could this spell the end of her time in the bay?

  • Episode 5153

    Liam has good news about his music career, but there is a shock in store for Ruby.

  • Episode 5152

    During a romantic evening together, Bianca tells Liam that she still loves her ex.

  • Episode 5151

    Leah considers whether she should get back in touch with Elijah.

  • Episode 5150

    Xavier and April go head to head for the same job.

  • Episode 5148

    Romeo and Indi's latest attempt to spend a romantic evening together is thwarted.

  • Episode 5147

    Angelo's wayward younger brother Paulie arrives in Summer Bay.

  • Episode: 5146

    Penn is rushed into theatre. Can Sid save the lad's life?