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  • Episode 6161

    VJ apologises to Zac for making life difficult and offers to stay with his grandma for a few days.

  • Episode 6162

    With Denny ready to move on, Ricky tells Ash to come clean to Brax.

  • Episode 6163

    Brax is furious when Ash tells him about his relationship with Denny.

  • Episode 6164

    Maddy receives devastating news about her chemo treatment.

  • Episode 6165

    Leah finally wakes up from her coma.

  • Episode 5200

    Robertson's investigation comes to a standstill.

  • Episode 5199

    Elijah is gravely injured in Africa.

  • Episode 5198

    Leah returns from Africa with bad news.

  • Episode 5197

    Bianca presses ahead with her wedding plans after meeting Liam's new girlfriend.

  • Episode 5196

    Roo Stewart returns to Summer Bay.

  • Episode 5195

    Marilyn becomes convinced that bad news is on the horizon for Alf.

  • Episode 5194

    Detective Graves continues to string Dex along.

  • Episode 5193

    Marilyn inadvertently helps to strengthen Robertson's case against Alf.

  • Episode 5192

    Nicole gets the results of her HIV test.

  • Episode 5191

    Liam gives Bianca an ultimatum. Which lover will she choose?

  • Episode 5190

    Shandi decides to leave Summer Bay, much to Irene's delight.

  • Episode 5189

    Alf continues to implicate himself in Penn's disappearance by lying to the police.

  • Episode 5188

    Irene lets Will know about her problem with his relationship, and Alf begins to believe that Robertson also suspects Nicole.