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  • Episode 6000

    Alf keeps vigil by Roo's bedside as her condition worsens.

  • Episode 6001

    Nate tells Alf to prepare for the worst after Roo's condition deteriorates still further.

  • Episode 6002

    Casey and Brax go surfing and discuss their respective relationship problems.

  • Episode 6003

    Kyle's surname proves a drawback while flat-hunting.

  • Episode 6004

    John recruits Jett, Spencer and Chris to help clean up the caravan park.

  • Episode 5211

    The aftermath of Charlie's outburst.

  • Episode 5210

    Ruby sneaks out to the formal at Angelo's.

  • Episode 5209

    Charlie bans Ruby from the formal, and Dex begins to feel like an outcast.

  • Episode 5208

    The Bay's residents pull together to look for Lily and VJ.

  • Episode 5207

    April's plan to force Liam and Bianca into talking backfires.

  • Episode 5206

    Marilyn attempts to say goodbye to the people of Summer Bay.

  • Episode 5205

    Robertson piles pressure on Alf and Will, who begins to fear that he will lose Lily in the divorce.

  • Episode 5204

    Gina becomes suspicious of Roo's motives.

  • Episode 5203

    Roo becomes suspicious when she discovers Alf burning something in the incinerator late at night.

  • Episode 5202

    Robertson discovers that Alf's shop stocks exactly the same knife as was used to kill Penn.

  • Episode 5201

    Robertson has some serious questions for Alf about Penn's murder.