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  • Episode 6258

    Kat is disappointed not to see Nate when she wakes up.

  • Episode 6259

    Charlotte tries to smooth things over with Leah.

  • Episode 6260

    Chris and Hannah's fake relationship convinces everyone, including his ex girlfriend.

  • Episode 6261

    Leah and Evie have a near miss when their car brakes fail.

  • Episode 5297

    Charlie gets closer to uncovering the truth about Brax.

  • Episode 5296

    Angelo's search for the truth about the Braxtons ends in disaster.

  • Episode 5295

    Miles comes clean to Elijah.

  • Episode 5294

    Liam makes an ill-fated career choice.

  • Episode 5293

    Casey's brothers land him in trouble again.

  • Episode 5292

    The surf carnival descends into chaos.

  • Episode 5291

    Xavier is determined to win the surf carnival in order to impress Miranda.

  • Episode 5290

    Miles tries to explain his feelings to Leah.

  • Episode 5289

    Marilyn fears that she is a bad mother.

  • Episode 5288

    Kieran turns on Indi.

  • Episode 5287

    Angelo becomes aware of the Braxtons' illicit dealings.

  • Episode 5286

    Miles confesses to his true feelings for Leah.

  • Episode 5285

    Elijah must choose between his reputation and Billy's life.

  • Episode 5284

    Liam returns to his old bad-boy ways, and Indi's family falls for Kieran.

  • Episode 5283

    Angelo is faced with delivering Nicole's baby.

  • Episode 5282

    Romeo, Roo and Morag are trapped with Elijah's attacker.

  • 5281

    Leah finds Elijah in a bloody mess after he is attacked.

  • Episode 5280

    Romeo tries to keep Kieran away from Indi.

  • Episode 5279

    Nicole makes her escape.

  • Episode 5278

    Nicole begins to have doubts about the adoption.

  • Episode 5277

    Xavier's lies are exposed.

  • Episode 5276

    Nicole goes into labour.